Friday, March 29, 2013

Squee: My First Blog Review! Lady of Deep Waters

I have to admit I'm a facebook n00b, so when I was looking at my Smashwords page for "Lady of Deep Waters," I saw that it had a couple likes.  I was trying to figure out who "liked" it so I could thank them, but I accidentally clicked it to "Like."  LOL.  Fortunately, I undid that.  After that I fled, trying to Google the information down.  Instead, I found a delightful surprise: my first blog review!

Here is the link:

I'm so happy.  I never expected such success from a little story that was going through a difficult "teenage" rebellion phase (in terms of writing time and stages).  I'm just glad I had such a great cover designer and critique group; they really helped me than I can tell.  So did Nicolette Andrews, who gave me my first review on Wattpad. That encouragement was a real boost, too.

Thanks everyone! 

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