Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lady of Deep Waters (Bonus: About the Story) (Blog Version)

Lady of Deep Waters 
by Jodi Ralston
Bonus Material:  About the Story
"Lady of Deep Waters"  is my first Free 'Verse New World story. What does this mean?

Free ’Verse is my own twist on AU fic. In the fanfiction world, Alternative Universe or AU stories diverge from the canon of the episodes or the books of the series. Often this meant changing a story event or changing the entire setting of the series. A similar concept occurs in the realm of original fiction when a writer expands a short story into a longer work. That is what Free ’Verse is about: a shorter work that features in a different fashion in a longer work. In my case, the Free ’Verse story is free; the longer or expanded work is not.

As for the series, New World is a blend of fantasy, horror, and faux-Regency set in a secondary or made-up world. The stories are centered around a new continent that slid into existence besides Arcana Major, the “Known” or “Old World. ” It is actually a "twin" or mirror image of Arcana Major. As such, it seems like a land of opportunity, but when people look deeper, it turns out to be a world full of secret horrors, magic, and monsters.

One last thing of interest to readers is the origin of the “Lady of Deep Waters.” The first spark of inspiration came from a descriptive writing exercise. The other inspiration was the cover art itself. You can read more about that in the interview with the designer.

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